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Honoring Golden Bulls who carried the torch.

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Historically gifted
athletes and programs

E.E. Smith Athletic programs have produced world renowned athletes and coaches. This space is meant to record and uplift the names of those alumni and trailblazers.

Enduring commitment to the sports community

Honoring those who continue to give back to the Fayetteville either with their time or with the memory of their good work on and off the field.

Soccer Coaching


From leading North Carolina State championships to NFL Coaches, who helped refine the game. E.E. Smith HS has produced some influential sportsmen and women; Golden Bulls, who's  influence will be felt for generations to come.


Golden Bulls do it all. It takes tough horns to play on a national stage. Our inaugural inductees have taken their talents all across the country and some continue to excel at a professional level.

Football Players
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